How To Cut & Buff Your Car Paint Job

Published: 27th January 2011
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OK boys and girls, I'm going to chat about cutting and buffing the paint job on your automobile, this subject is touchy with a lot of individuals, who believe that this step in unnecessary, and this would of course depend on what you would like the vehicle to appear like when it is completed, a cut and buffed paint job looks completely various from a non cut and buffed paint job, and yes there's a substantial danger to your paint job if the person who's performing the cutting and buffing has no expertise using the approach, it can devastate your new paint job, and also you don't should re-paint your auto, so be positive that they know what they are doing.

The very first step right after you pull the auto out of the paint booth must be to unmask it, and then I suggest re-masking the car with clean masking paper, but you do not truly have to do this should you don't wish to, cleaning the buffing compound off of the vehicle will probably be a good deal harder should you do not mask it once more, it just sort of depends on have been you want to invest your time, in my opinion it should usually be carried out.

Now that we have that out of the way, prior to yo mask the car you need to wash it, after which blow it off with compressed air to get rid of the excess water, the auto can't be clean adequate just before you do this step, now just before I clarify to you the process of cutting and buffing, I'm going to explain the draw backs of cutting and buffing the vehicle, the reasons why a great deal of individuals do not like to complete it.

1. The possible to damage your new paint job, there are two huge reasons why some individuals shy away from this step, the initial reason is that an inexperienced particular person color sanding the vehicle may go by means of the clear coat of the paint and in to the color coat, and this implies a paint repair on that location exactly where they went by means of, or a total re-paint of the automobile "Not Good", the second reason will be that if they do not go via the base coat of the paint there is a probability that the buffer can burn the paint job, when I was studying, I had both of these items take place to me, and neither one of them are enjoyable to fix.

2. Could be the additional time that it takes to do the cutting and buffing of the auto, this may be as much as 20 hours of added time, if your one of these individuals who is constantly in a hurry, then it's apparent why you'd hate this process, you completely can not be in a hurry, or these bead issues that I talked about earlier with without a doubt happen.

The reason why I like the paint job cut and buffed is for the appear, it looks entirely various from a non-buffed car, the non-buffed auto will appear wonderful, don't get me incorrect here, it will have a factory looking paint job, with an ultra shine, and it is going to be totally brilliant within the sun light, but will seem that the color is on top of the paint job, as where a buffed automobile will appear deep, like you can stick your hand in the paint and swirl it about, the choice is all yours, but I will say that should you determine to cut and buff the car, make 100% certain that the individuals performing the operate know what they are undertaking.

Examine some of their function to figure out if you want this done, you'll find lots of shops that have this down to a science, and you do not need to worry at all in case you come across the right men and women, that becoming said, this isn't a step that I think a beginner ought to attempt, though I'm about to explain the process, if you feel confident, then go ahead and give it a try.

The Color Sanding Method:

Following the vehicle has been re-masked, you should get a bucket with water and dish soap in it, or in case you feel more at home employing a spray bottle load it with water and dish soap also, after which your going to need to have some 1000 grit wet sand paper to start with, and you'll be working up to 2000 grit by the time this method is performed, initial you will must spray the auto down with water, and it doesn't matter where you start to color sand the vehicle, it's just where you really feel comfy starting from, this is really a long approach, so do not get in a hurry, if you do it'll be in the expense of you new paint job, OK now you will want to have a decent selection of sanding blocks, a cut and buff is developed to generate a smooth appearance over the entire surface of the auto, and if it's completed correct it does a very good job of that.

Now which you have sprayed the car down with water load up your 1000 grit wet sand paper on a sanding block, I generally use a 6" difficult flat block on the big flat surfaces of the automobile, you never want to sand or buff the crown of any panel on your vehicle, I use a 6" round difficult rubber block inside the curved areas on the panels, at the initial it'll appear as if it is not undertaking anything, but take my word it is smoothing the clear coat in your automobile, once you color sand you clear coat you will need to pay serious attention to what you're doing, cutting and buffing will get rid of any dust or runs from you paint job and smooth the surface to a brilliant deep shine.

If you start off to sand the automobile, if your using a spray bottle you'll spray several of the contents from the bottle on to your painted surface, and then you will begin to sand the clear coat with 1000 grit wet paper, make certain that you simply sand only in 1 direction, as it'll be simpler to buff out within the finish, don't press hard on the block, let the sand paper do the work, and should you hear a squeaking sound stop now, and run some water over your sanding block along with the surface of the auto, a squeaking sound means that you have a piece of balled up clear coat under the block, or dirt, in either case, you do not want it there so clean the block and surface of the automobile.

When your sanding your paint using the 1000 grit paper, your looking for the entire surface of the automobile to have a smooth and dull appearance, remember that you still have to sand the clear coat with 1500 and 2000 grit sand paper, so it does not must be ideal at this stage of the game, just make certain that you have sanded the entire surface of the car before you move on to the subsequent stage.

Now you will repeat the same procedure with 1500 grit wet paper, and then 2000 grit wet paper, right after you have performed this, you carried out color sanding or cutting the clear coat, throughout this approach yo do not ever desire to see the color of your base coat on the sanding block, this implies that you simply have gone via the clear coat, so pay attention to what you might be carrying out.

The Buffing Method:

Now that the cutting or color sanding procedure is full on your car, you'll want to wash all of the wet sanding residue from the auto, wet sanding will leave a with powder variety residue on the car, and also you do not desire to put the buffer to this residue, so ensure that you wash the whole automobile again before you get started using the buffer.

Now let's get the buffer out and set the speed to about 800 rpm or medium speed on the speed selector, this could appear a bit slow, but you might have much less of a opportunity of burning the paint job with it set at a lower speed, and you can use water to help cool the paint as you buff the vehicle should you need to, you'll be starting having a heavy buffing compound and working all of the way down to a swirl remover, yet another long approach.

Get you courage up and your patience, and get prepared to dive in head first, there is no changing your thoughts now.

Now put a little dab of the heavy cutting compound on the surface of the auto where you would like to begin buffing the paint, and also I almost forgot, this needs to be done inside a garage, the sun will cause large dilemma with this process, what your going to complete is put a wool pad on the buffer, after which pull the buffer trigger and start to buff the heavy cutting compound off of the vehicle, you will notice it starting to bring the shine up on the surface of the paint, when you run out of the heavy compound on the surface just maintain adding more and moving in slow circular motions until the entire surface is buffed with the heavy compound.

You'll repeat this procedure with medium cutting compound, and then light compound, and final but not least swirl remover.

If you change compounds you'll want to have the proper foam pads for every single step within the method, and be sure which you clean all the pads as they'll get clogged with compound, you can can a pad cleaning tool from your local auto paint retailer.

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